The Three Great Churches


How are the three branches of Christianity different, and why?

Carefully researched and documented, The Three Great Churches answers this question and provides clear comparative answers to questions like:

• Does prayer for the dead do any good?

• Which church is the oldest?

• Does purgatory exist? Can priests forgive sins?

• Should the apocrypha be in the Bible?

  1. Are baptism and communion necessary to be saved?

Written from an evangelical Protestant perspective, the book will also be useful to Catholics and Orthodox and all those seeking to better understand the differences in Christianity. This fourth edition includes discussion questions with an answer key, and an index. A Russian translation is also available. Soon to be available in French.


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“An easy-to-read resource that addresses the major issues...A must have for every pastor’s library.”

Jim Wiegand, Senior Pastor, The Freedom Center, Fenton MI , USA

“...Well-organized and balanced. Highly recommended for all serious students of Christianity.”

Dr. C Donovan Barron, Professor, Continental Theological Seminary, Belgium

“A unique source of information about the unity and distinctives of the three branches of Christianity.”

Anatoly Mukhin, Senior Pastor, Ulyanovsk Christian Center, Russia

“An extremely interesting and unique book.”

  1. L.John Bueno, Director, Assemblies of God World Missions

“The book is very practical. Have been teaching through it on Thursday nights to a class of my church members. It should be required reading for candidate ministers and in Bible Schools.”

Rev. Steve Saunders, Washington, MI

“An excellent book which I highly recommend. Even though I have been a serious student of the Bible for over thirty years, I have to say that I learned a lot from this book. The book covers a lot of topics in a concise manner with a multitude of footnotes. ...The author does a good job of laying out the differences and explaining ... where they differ in doctrine or practice.”

B.H.Edwards, Haslett, MI

“An excellent comparative analysis...very useful.”

Dr. Lewis Moncrief, Pastor emeritus, Spirit of Christ Church, Haslett MI

“A masterful job...”

Rev. Dave Williams, Senior Pastor, Mount Hope Church, Lansing MI

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